Beth-Ann Kozlovich

Executive Producer, Talk Shows

Beth-Ann Kozlovich is Hawaii Public Radio’s Talk Shows Executive Producer and oversees HPR’s five locally-produced talk programs. She created and co-hosts HPR2’s weekday morning show, The Conversation, launched in 2011. In 1999, she created and began moderating Town Square, HPR’s long-running live, public affairs forum. A woman with lives on radio and in the business of nonprofits, she is a former Hawaii anchor of NPR's "Morning Edition." Her attraction to public radio began when it was the only car-accessible, parent-approved station…so all of this really is her mother’s fault. When her three sons begin to support public radio on their own, Beth-Ann will be just as happy to take the blame.

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Hawaii Theatre

Intentional Philanthropy; Dana Land; HB2636; Noodle Doodle Box

Intentional Philanthropy: Tracy Gary 


HB1739; “Fire Is Ours” by Makana; NOAA Livestream of Papahānumokuākea Marine National Monument; Maui Pops Orchestra’s Winter Fantasy Pops

HB1739: Bill Hoshijo

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Wikipedia Commons

  Access to health insurance has changed. Next up, could be changes in health policy. Next time on Town Square, a look at some of the bills from the viewpoint of those which deliver health services to many of the most vulnerable: the community health centers.

Global Leadership and Sustainability; Roberto Zucco​; The Future of Food; Comfortably Unaware

Global Leadership and Sustainability: Dr. Neal Lane


The Long View with Neal Milner; Comedy Hypnosis; Tax Bills; La‘ieikawai

The Long View: Neal Milner

SB2987; Award Winning Poet - Rajiv Mohabir; From the Farm with Neal Conan; Partners In Time

SB2987: Mayor Billy Kenoi

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Threaten Native Silverswords; HTY's The Tiny Trees; School Psychologist License; Waimea Rodeo

Shifting Climate Patterns Threatening Native Silverswords: Dr. Paul Krushelnycky

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Medical Marijuana and Dispensary Bills; Polo in Hawai‘i; Charter School Bills; Hawai‘i Mural Arts

Medical Marijuana and Dispensary Bills: Dr. Sue Sisley

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Wikipedia Commons

  If your eyes glaze over trying to deal with your own budget, imagine the jobs of the State Director of Finance Wes Machida and the Acting State Auditor Jan Yamane. We'll take up the health of the budget, and the intersection of money and policy...that can often bring more than a few eye rolls.

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Housing Bills; Jazz Musician Dee Dee Bridgewater; Wrongful Incarceration; Block Printing Workshop

Housing Bills: Greg Payton