Beth-Ann Kozlovich

Executive Producer, Talk Shows

Beth-Ann Kozlovich is Hawaii Public Radio’s Talk Shows Executive Producer and oversees HPR’s five locally-produced talk programs. She created and co-hosts HPR2’s weekday morning show, The Conversation, launched in 2011. In 1999, she created and began moderating Town Square, HPR’s long-running live, public affairs forum. A woman with lives on radio and in the business of nonprofits, she is a former Hawaii anchor of NPR's "Morning Edition." Her attraction to public radio began when it was the only car-accessible, parent-approved station…so all of this really is her mother’s fault. When her three sons begin to support public radio on their own, Beth-Ann will be just as happy to take the blame.

Ways to Connect

Check-In Keiki/Kapuna Caucus; Chinatown Mardi Gras; From the Farm with Neal Conan; Waimea Town Celebration

Keiki/Kupuna Caucus Check-in: Senator Susie Chun-Oakland

Congressman Mark Takai; New Perspective on Honolulu Housing;  Eli Duo; Marsy's Law; Green Island

Legislative Priorities: Congressman Mark Takai

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Leveraging Mainstream Resources to Help Solve Homelessness; Hawai‘i: Language MattersPlanned Parenthood; Paint and Pupus Event

Leveraging Mainstream Resources to Help Solve Homelessness: Jennifer Ho

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  A groundbreaking game changer in the drug, alcohol, and meth amphetamine treatment could be coming to Hawai‘i. It uses an implant of medication plus counseling. Dan Markel, the Founder and CEO of MyLife Recovery Centers is visiting Hawai‘i. We’ll talk with him and Scott Miscovich, the Chairman of the State Narcotic Policy Steering Committee; Alan Johnson, CEO of Hina Mauka and Judge Steven S. Alm. 

NY Banjo Tour

Young Farmer’s Perspective on Agriculture; Atherton Banjo Concert with Tony Trischka; Elections and Campaign Spending Bills; Hawaiians Outside the Kingdom

Young Farmer’s Perspective on Agriculture: Ken Koike

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The Long View with Neal Milner; African-American Film Festival; The Schools Our Keiki Deserve Rally; 16th Annual Ellison Onizuka Science Day

The Long View: Neal Milner

HB2231; Marcia Ball; From the Farm with Neal Conan; And Then There Were None

HB2231: Chris Lee

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Government Bills; Starting OverHPV Vaccine and SB2316; Hula Hoike Kaua`i

Government Bills: Brian Black

HB1775-Realting to Driver Education: MADD Input; Ukulele Virtuoso-Taimane Gardner; HB1739- Relating to Employment; Good Foot- Babatunji Heath

HB1775-Realting to Driver Education: MADD Input: Carol McNamee

Marco Borggreve

Overview of Legislative Bills with Senator Josh Green; Percussionist - Colin Currie; Farmer's Response to DOA Interview; Kauai Food Tour

Overview of Legislative Bills: Josh Green