Beth-Ann Kozlovich

Executive Producer, Talk Shows

Beth-Ann Kozlovich is Hawaii Public Radio’s Talk Shows Executive Producer and oversees HPR’s five locally-produced talk programs. She created and co-hosts HPR2’s weekday morning show, The Conversation, launched in 2011. In 1999, she created and began moderating Town Square, HPR’s long-running live, public affairs forum. A woman with lives on radio and in the business of nonprofits, she is a former Hawaii anchor of NPR's "Morning Edition." Her attraction to public radio began when it was the only car-accessible, parent-approved station…so all of this really is her mother’s fault. When her three sons begin to support public radio on their own, Beth-Ann will be just as happy to take the blame.

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Erik (HASH) Hersman / Flickr
Erik (HASH) Hersman / Flickr

  With less than a week to go before the Iowa caucuses, NPR and many member stations are exploring the biggest phenomena of these elections: Voter Anxiety. What's driving it? Income inequality, the health of the American dream, plus more worry about terrorism and the fear that illegal immigration represents a major threat.  We'll take up what this means for Hawaii with political analyst Neal Milner and John Hart, Chair of the Communication Department at Hawai`i Pacific University.

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New State Capitol Television System: Chris Lam

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Lahaina Galleries

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Nick Yee
Nick Yee

  The Legislature is in session and fights over money are always on the agenda…but this year those fights could look a little different.  Neal Milner, Colin Moore and I take our annual look at the Legislature…and what we’ll be watching this year. Get your list ready, too; we want to hear from you today on Town Square.

Wikipedia Commons: D-Kuru

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Eddy Westveer

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The Long View - Iowa Caucus Discussion: Neal Milner

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Flickr: Athena LeTrelle

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