Chris Vandercook

Co-Host, The Conversation
Hawaii Theatre

Intentional Philanthropy; Dana Land; HB2636; Noodle Doodle Box

Intentional Philanthropy: Tracy Gary 


HB1739; “Fire Is Ours” by Makana; NOAA Livestream of Papahānumokuākea Marine National Monument; Maui Pops Orchestra’s Winter Fantasy Pops

HB1739: Bill Hoshijo

Global Leadership and Sustainability; Roberto Zucco​; The Future of Food; Comfortably Unaware

Global Leadership and Sustainability: Dr. Neal Lane


The Long View with Neal Milner; Comedy Hypnosis; Tax Bills; La‘ieikawai

The Long View: Neal Milner

SB2987; Award Winning Poet - Rajiv Mohabir; From the Farm with Neal Conan; Partners In Time

SB2987: Mayor Billy Kenoi

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Threaten Native Silverswords; HTY's The Tiny Trees; School Psychologist License; Waimea Rodeo

Shifting Climate Patterns Threatening Native Silverswords: Dr. Paul Krushelnycky

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Medical Marijuana and Dispensary Bills; Polo in Hawai‘i; Charter School Bills; Hawai‘i Mural Arts

Medical Marijuana and Dispensary Bills: Dr. Sue Sisley

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Housing Bills; Jazz Musician Dee Dee Bridgewater; Wrongful Incarceration; Block Printing Workshop

Housing Bills: Greg Payton

Na Kama Kai

Preventing Drowsy Driving; Mississippi Blues; Big Ocean Think Tank; Na Wahine Alii

Preventing Drowsy Driving: Dr. Matthew Uhles

Check-In Keiki/Kapuna Caucus; Chinatown Mardi Gras; From the Farm with Neal Conan; Waimea Town Celebration

Keiki/Kupuna Caucus Check-in: Senator Susie Chun-Oakland