Arizona Memorial Lawsuit; Sports Photography; Hawai`i Fashion Month Update; Allison Adams Tucker

Nov 21, 2014

Friday, November 21st – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Arizona Memorial Ticketing Issues and Lawsuit: John Landrysmith

Most employees expect their manager may tell them to do things they might not like, and it’s just part of a job. That’s not how John Landrysmith says he felt when his manager told him to forget about his concerns over the shortage of Arizona Memorial tickets. Those tickets are supposed to be free, but over the last year those free tickets have generated a lot of money for tour companies. According to National Park Service reports, the companies sold the tickets to tourists - and managers at the Arizona Memorial knew about the arrangement. John Landrysmith is now mounting a legal challenge and he joined us this morning.

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Sports Photographer: Peter Read Miller

Peter Read Miller Football Photo
Credit Peter Read Miller

There’s always a story behind a great photograph, and if it’s a great sports photograph, it’s usually a story that involves split-second recognition of a decisive moment, matched with the considerable technique involved in capturing it. Peter Read Miller is a photographer who has covered major sporting events around the world, including 25 Superbowls, 14 NBA Finals, and the Olympic Games, and he’s in town to share some of what that experience has taught him.

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Hawaii Fashion Month: Rumi Murakami

By now you know November is Hawaii Fashion Month. It’s the second time the state has focused our attention on how Hawaii’s clothing and accessory designers have been growing their industry. Last Fall, we talked with Rumi Murakami.  At an early age she spent hours poring over her mother’s Bazaar magazines and recreating designs using makeshift patterns and an old Singer. She went on to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, worked in the garment industry in Los Angeles and San Francisco and several years ago, she started a business in Honolulu, producing two collections every year. We thought we’d check in with her to see what’s happened over the past year and if some of her manufacturing and labor concerns found answers.

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Atherton Concert: Allison Adams Tucker

Jazz has been an international language for some time now, absorbing sounds and influences far from its New Orleans birthplace, and is all the richer for it.   That expanded pallete spells opportunity for a jazz vocalist like Allison Adams Tucker, whose latest recording features her singing in five languages.   She’s in town for a concert tomorrow night at our Atherton Performing Arts Studio, and she joined us prior to it via phone.

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