Burmese Journalist, Volcano Art Show, Buzz for Peace, Waikamoi Tour

Jun 11, 2013

It’s Tuesday, June 11 – From HPR2, it’s The Conversation.

 Where the sun comes up like new journalistic thunder

Mr. Zayar Hlaing [Ziyah Hleng] is an editor at Maw Kun magazine, which he and some of his colleagues founded in 2012 as the media began to open up. Maw Kun (The Chronicle) is a monthly news magazine that focuses mainly on in-depth, investigative stories.

Truth in art is beauty, and beauty is the layered look

Vicki Penney-Rohner’s work will be on display, along with that of Kira Kamamalu Ventrella, at the Volcano Art Center Gallery until July 21st.

Grabbing violence by the short hairs in a Buzz for Peace

Jai has worked at KHON2 for more than twenty years. Last fall, he stunned viewers when he unexpectedly shaved his head on air to honor a friend killed in California, the victim of apparent domestic violence. He promised that day over the next year to do the same for any woman killed due to dv. He has shaved his head three more times since and will do it again the day before Father’s Day...and he expects to have company to benefit domestic violence action center!

A rare opportunity for a high altitude tour of rare forest species

Laura Berthold works with the Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project, which is offering a tour of the Waikamoi Preserve in east Maui.