Classical Pacific October 6, 2017 - Pledge Edition

Oct 6, 2017

Credit John C. Zak

Aloha pumehana, I’m John Kalani Zak, host of Classical Pacific on HPR 2.

In Hawaii one often hears the word “kuleana.” It’s a multi-layered word that means “privilege”  and/or “responsibility.” When one is part of a community or a family, those elements are very meaningful and important. It’s our kuleana at Hawaii Public Radio to do everything in our power to bring you the finest of the world’s music, news, and information, and we take our task very seriously. But, kuleana is reciprocal. If you gain value from the programming you receive on Hawaii Public Radio, respectfully, isn't it your kuleana to nurture it?  That what community is all about : individuals coming together for the good of all.  HPR 2 is the only broadcast source for classical music in Hawaii. Isn’t it worth at least  five or ten dollars a month to nurture it?  We hope you will agree that the answer is “Yes.” Call 944-8800 to make a pledge or pledge online on this website, Mahalo, and keep listening.