The Conversation: Friday, October 7th, 2016

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Rodrigo Duterte; Aboriginal Dance Comes to Hawaii; Causes of Damage to Honolulu Rail

Hawaii State Seal seen outside the Capitol
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President Duterte and US-Philippines Relations: Dr. Patricio Abinales

Rodrigo Duterte is very controversial abroad, but maintains high approval ratings at home.
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Some might call him colorful, others, dangerous. Since the election of Rodrigo Duterte last May, the Philippine relationship with the US and with its own people has been changing. He has launched his own war on drugs and drug addicts, and told President Obama to clean up his own backyard. Rodrigo Duterte has also said he wants an end to m joint military operations with the US. But is this hyperbole and bluster or something more. Patricio Abinales is Professor of Asian Studies at the School of Pacific and Asian Studies, and the Director of UH Center for Philippine Studies.  

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Medicine Wahine Series at the Kakaako Agora: Marissa Abadir

A view from inside the Kaka'ako Agora
Credit Marissa Abadir

The Kakaako Agora was designed as a space where creative energy can converge, and its ongoing series of Medicine Wahine evenings puts the emphasis on female energy… It’s sponsored by an arts organization called Kala Roots, whose founder, Marissa Abadir, is with us in our studio.

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Civil Beat Reality Check: Doctors and Painkillers

Over prescription of morphine and other opiates has been cited as as a cause of rising painkiller and heroin addiction rates.
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Few prescribers in Hawaii make routine use of the State’s new drug database. Doctor and State Senator Josh Green says that lack of use contributes to over-prescription of opioid painkillers and addiction. Civil Beat reporter Chad Blair takes a look in today’s reality check.

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Reported Damage to Honolulu Rail Project: Prof. Amarjit Singh

Honolulu's rail project has been beset with problems, including damage to support structures, years before opening.
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Over the past 18 months we’ve learned words like shims and tendons. Those terms along with concrete cracks are central to problems with rail construction that have called into question the overall quality of the project. And with reports that the failing items were put in place becasue they were intially cheaper, costs will likely continue to escalate as they are replaced. So where does the responsibility lie?  Amarjit Singh is Professor of Construction Engineering Management and he says that’s the issue.

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NAISDA Dance College in Australia: Frances Rings

Frances performing a feather bangarra dance
Credit Danielle Lyon

Frances Rings grew up in the world of indigenous dance in her native Australia, a world where chorography is closely linked to the stories it tells.   She’s in Hawaii to work on an upcoming Dance and New Media Installation Concert at UH that will assimilate dance languages from different cultures, and likely lead to something entirely new.  She’s with us this morning. 

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