The Conversation: Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

Jul 25, 2017

Drought, Water Usage Challenges on Maui and Big Island; Memoir of a Christian Abortion Provider; Asia Pacific Dance Festival

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Long Term Water Challenges on Maui: Lucienne De Naie

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Headlines from this month urging Upcountry Maui residents to conserve water could have been written a decade ago and in just about every year since. Farmers have often had to import feed for their animals, increasing costs for their upkeep and of the retail products the farms produce.

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Ongoing Drought in Kona: Heather Kimball

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According to the state, moderate drought continues on much of Hawaii Island and there are reports that residents are failing to self-regulate their water use. 

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Civil Beat Reality Check

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 Honolulu is full of potholes and fixing them is costing taxpayers and drivers millions of dollars.

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Memoir of a Christian Abortion Provider: Willie Parker

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Doctor Willie Parker is a former Hawaii resident who left the comfort of his island obstetrics practice to offer services including abortion to women largely in poverty and of color in the Deep South.

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Asia Pacific Dance Festival: Moonea Choi

Credit Korean National University of the Arts

At the Korea National University of the Arts or K-Arts, as it is known, dance majors align with a student’s ability in practice, creation and theory.

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