The Conversation: Wednesday, August 12th 2015

Aug 12, 2015

Tropical Storm Hilda; New State Coordinator on Homelessness; Plein Air Artist; Invertebrate Extinction in Hawaii and Globally; Raqs Tiki Belly Dance Kaua‘i

Tropical Storm Hilda: Robert Ballard

Robert Ballard is the Science & Operations Officer for the Central Pacific Hurricane Center.

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New State Coordinator on Homelessness: Scott Morishige

Scott Morishige will become Hawaii's coordinator on homelessness on August 24th.

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Plein Air Artist: Ronaldo Macedo

Hana Old Ways, Oil on Canvas by Ronaldo Macedo

Plein air artists get a rush of excitement when their subject unfolds before them because chances are, the world is going to look very different in just a few minutes - clouds change their shape, block out the sun,shadows shift and the tide comes in… You have to be ready to seize and record the moment.   It’s a challenge Maui open-air artist Ronaldo Macedo has met many times, and he spoke with us about the attractions of working in the great outdoors.

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Invertebrate Extinction in Hawaii and Globally: Robert Cowie

Up until now, you may have regarded snails as a major impediment to your yard. Maybe this next conversation will change your opinion of those and potentially other invertebrates. A recent study by some American and French researchers looked at the extinction rate of Hawaiian snails and calls it nothing less than catastrophic.  For many conservationists, that pronouncement is especially difficult to hear as Hawaii's shrinking biodiversity is often considered the chief example of extinction on the move. Robert Cowie is a research professor at the Pacific Biosciences Research Center and was part of the team to assess the loss of Hawaiian snails.

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Raqs Tiki Belly Dance Kaua‘i: Toni Todd

The term “belly dance” is probably a misnomer, but it sounds better than “torso-driven” or some of the other synonyms out there.   It applies to a variety of dances of Middle Eastern origin, and it’s a style that has won plenty of adherents in Hawaii.   Producer Toni Todd is bringing a combination of performance and instruction to Kaua’i with a show called  Raqs Tiki and she joined the show via phone to tell us about it.   

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