The Conversation: Wednesday, August 5th 2015

Aug 5, 2015

The Conversation: Wednesday, August 5th 2015

The Long View: Neal Milner

  Tomorrow the GOP high polling A-listers will suit up for debate. Candidates who polled lower will be the warm up act The 2016 campaign season is heating up- and these days, you might  want to up your political analyst skills. While you may not become a sought after pundit, contributing editor Neal Milner says that even if becoming a better informed citizen isn't enough of a reward, better understanding of how your mind works just might be worth the effort. Today we start with polls.

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Topaz Reunion: Benny Rietveld

Benny Rietveld is a bassist whose musical journey takes him around the world as musical director for Santana, benefiting from the mentoring that goes back to his days in Hawaii as an up-and-coming young jazz musician, and to the band he and his friends formed more than thirty years ago: Topaz.   Then as now, its members were versatile and accomplished musicians, and now they have the opportunity to learn how thirty years of performing have changed them as they prepare a weekend reunion concert.

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Proposed Homeless Camp on Maui: William Johnson

How to build a bridge between a project to help the homeless and a community that opposes it? That's the question the Ho'omoana Foundation finds itself now pondering. Last week the Maui Planning Commission deferred action on a privately funded proposal to build an initial 8 site campground in Lahaina. The foundation was given 60 days to engage the community and address concerns outlined in a petition delivered to the commission.

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Founder and President of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation: David Krieger

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Seventy years ago tomorrow, on August 6th, 1945, a bomb was dropped that terrified the world, with deadly capabilities that had been thought unimaginable.   Today we share our world with thousands of such weapons and a never-ending anxiety about them. For most of us, that’s just too much to contemplate, others just don’t know. Both attitudes are a concern for David Krieger, Founder and President of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, who is speaking on Maui tomorrow to mark the Hiroshima bomb anniversary.

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