The Conversation: Wednesday, March 8th, 2017

Mar 8, 2017

The Roots of Poverty; Homelessness as a Medical Condition; The Big Bad Wolf Goes to Trial

New research shows that by the time kids enter school, the seeds of lifelong poverty may already have taken root. Florence Owens Thompson, pictured here with her children in 1936 California. Such conditions are very difficult to overcome in the current American system.
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Early Roots of Poverty: Neal Milner

Early pre-school may be the key to diverting children from the path to poverty.
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Anti-poverty efforts may be starting too late in life to be effective, according to new research The roots of lifelong poverty set in earlier than  

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TAG’s production of  Coyotes: Swaine Kaui

TAG's 'Coyote' examines the everyday interactions that add up to create our entire lives.
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A love story of the ordinary, everyday encounters that add up to define our lives is the subject a new play from The Actors’ Group called ‘Coyotes’.  

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International Women’s Day: Gemma Weinstein

Gemma Weinstein is local organizer and women's rights advocate.
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International Women's Day is a call to action for accelerating gender parity. On Oahu, members of labor union Local 5, the AiKea Movement, Women’s March Hawai’i, and the Hawaii State Teachers Association will march and rally in Waikiki.

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Civil Beat Reality Check: Snorkeling Death Raises Questions

A recent death on the Big Island have raised questions about the safety of the popular full ace snorkel masks.
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A senseless, accidental death often spurs those left behind to take action. The husband of a woman who drowned using a full-face mask while snorkeling on vacation in Hawaii is now trying to prevent the same fate for others.  

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Homeless Bills Surviving Crossover: Josh Green

Senator Josh Green's efforts to use Medicaid money to address homelessness are still alive in the state legislature.
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Hawaii State Senator Josh Green continues to push for homelessness to be treated as a medical condition, which would allow it to be addressed using Medicaid dollars.

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Maui Onstage Youth Theater “Trial of the Big Bad Wolf”:  Ricky Jones

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Is the Big Bad Wolf an unrepentant villain or just a misunderstood caricature? Maui OnStage is holding a trial to determine his true motives once and for all.

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