Evening Jazz - Monday February 1 2016

Feb 19, 2016


Freddie Hendrix/St. Peter’s Walk/Jersey Cat
Marc Mommaas & Nikolaj Hess/Body and Soul/Ballads and Standards
The Interplay Jazz Orchestra/Body and Soul/Detour

Mike Freeman/Cascade/Blue Tjade
Wendy Pedersen & Jim Gasior/The Late Late Show/We Two
Ken Peplowski/The Flaming Sword/Enrapture

Jeff Coffin w/Caleb Chapman’s Crescent Superband/The Inside of the Outside/The Inside of the Outside
Jae Sinnett/Whispering Souls/Zero to 60


Lisa Hilton/Nocturnal/Nocturnal
Stacey Kent/No Moon At All/Tenderly
Roxy Coss/Don’t Cross the Coss/Restless Idealism

Carlos Vega/Bird’s Ticket/Bird’s Ticket
Nicolas Bearde/Come Back to Me/Invitation
Jeremy Pelt/Dream Dancing/#Jiveculture

Laws-Biegel/Irlandaise/Symphonic Arrangement: Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano
Mary Foster Conklin/Night in the City/Photographs
Vega & Marriott/Firm Roots/Return of the East West Trumpet Summit