Falkor Research Vessel Maps World’s Largest Volcano

Nov 12, 2015

Credit Schmidt Ocean Institute
Credit Schmidt Ocean Institute

A research team with the Schmidt Ocean Institute has just finished mapping the world’s largest undersea volcano.

Tamu Massif is an undersea volcano off the coast of Guam which lies 6,500 feet below the surface.  For perspective- it’s about the size of New Mexico. 

Researchers aboard the Falkor research vessel were able to map about 98% of the area – filling in gaps of information about the geography of the volcano.  Scientists also collected almost 2-million magnetic measurements which help to better understand how the volcano was formed.

Carlie Weiner is the communications manager for the Schmidt Ocean Institute. 

More information on the Falkor’s research on Tamu Massif can be found at Schmidtocean.org