HB2401; Architecture Documentary; HB1814; Student Architecture Conference

Mar 25, 2014

It’s Tuesday,  March 25th – From HPR2, it’s The Conversation

HB2401, Condominium Bill: Daria Loy-Goto

If you own a condo, you may already be clued into this first conversation.... particularly if you’ve tried to get records and information about your unit. A bill up for for decision making today consolidates Hawaii law about what information you should have access to and how long it should take to get it. HB2401 is now in its third version but is seems management companies and some condo associations don’t like it any better than the first.  The Hawaii department of commerce and consumer affairs doesn’t share that opinion. Daria Loy-Goto is the Chief Complaints and Enforcement Officer for the Regulated Industries Complaints Office at the Hawaii DCCA.

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Architecture Documentary: Shaun Roth, AIA

Far from castles in the air, real architecture can range from the purely utilitarian, to the buildings whose effect lingered in your mind long afterward. Those could also include the historic structures that live as symbols in your imagination.   Architects are artists of the pragmatic, merging utility with a creative vision based on understanding light, space, and form.   Hawaii’s architects are offering a free showing of a film called “From Nothing, Something: A Documentary on the Creative Process”  as part of an Architecture Month series of events, and one of them, Shaun Roth, talked with us about it.

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HB1814, Payment of Wages Bill: Bill Dunn

Chances are that if you work in Hawaii, you don’t get a paper check at the end of each pay period. According to the The Hawaii Bankers Association,  about eighty-five percent of all employees in Hawaii are paid by direct deposit….Which is why a bill to sync reality with the language of Hawaii law about payment of wages is scheduled for decision making today, It’s not just about electronic funds transfers or paycards...it’s about everything. The American Payroll Association has offered its comments about the latest version of the bill. The organization’s government relations director, Bill Dunn, joined us by phone from his office in Virginia.

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Westquad Architecture Student Conference: Kaoru Lovett

As we were reminded in our earlier conversation, architecture can shape our lives in ways we may not always notice.  We can know even less about how budding architects will affect our future, but we can be sure they’ll be operating in a very different environment.  Those challenges and goals are the subject of this week’s Westquad conference which will bring together  Hawaii’s architecture students  and professionals with  their West Coast counterparts.  Kaoru Lovett is the Vice President of the American Association of Architecture Students and he’s been working hard to put this conference together.

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