Hokule'a Creates Global Education Village for Tahitian Keiki

Jun 30, 2014

Credit Oiwi TV / Ken Chong

Credit Oiwi TV / Ken Chong

And now an update on the voyaging canoes Hokule'a and Hikianalia. The two canoes have spent over a week in Papa’ete, Tahiti – where master navigator Nainoa Thompson was recently inducted into the order of Tahiti Nui with a medal of recognition. HPR’s Molly Solomon checked in with Hokulea crew member Linda Furuto…as part of our ongoing series, “Hokule’a: Voyage of Aloha.”

The Global Education Village is an important part of Malama Honua, and will travel throughout Hokule'a's journeys. Hundreds of school children in Papa’ete, Tahiti have participated so far in these dockside lessons.

Follow the two voyaging canoes on Google Maps: