Kauai Home Rentals, Dion Scott AKA Boogie, Mars Menu, Distinctive Women in Hawaiian History

Aug 16, 2013

It’s Statehood Day, Friday, August 16

Kauai Home Rentals: Joan Conrow

Joan Conrow is a longtime Hawaii freelance journalist now based on Kauai. She's reported for the Honolulu Advertiser, Honolulu Star-Bulletin and Reuters. Her blog is Kauai Eclectic and she says that when it comes to transient vacation rentals, it's not so much caveat emptor for renters as just google a little for law enforcement to find obviously illegal accommodations that wouldn't get a permit.

Atherton Concert: Dion Scott AKA Boogie

Boogie, blues artist, will perform a tribute to Eric Clapton Saturday in our Atherton Performing Arts Studio.

Mars Menu: Kim Binsted

Kim Binsted is a co-investigator at the UH-NASA Astrobiology Institute. She was Chief Scientist on the FMARS 2007 Long Duration Mission, a four-month Mars exploration  She is now a co-investigator on a space food study at HI-SEAS (Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation, and the principal investigator on the next three years of HI-SEAS missions, which will include four, eight and twelve month projects. So keep those recipes coming.

Distinctive Women in Hawaiian History: Marlene Sai

Marlene Sai is a living legend of Hawaiian music whose first recording was made in 1959. She’ll be performing at the Distinctive Women of Hawaii Conference at the Hawaii Convention Center Sunday, August 25th. The topic: Hawaiian Dancing Ladies and the practice of Hula during war time.