Liquified Natural Gas; Sailing Book; On-Bill Repayment Programs; Audrey Knuth

Mar 6, 2014

It’s Thursday, March 6th – From HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Liquified Natural Gas: John Cole, Hawaii Natural Energy Institute

For the past couple of years, we’ve understood that Hawaii would have to go through a transition to get to the clean energy production that policy makers and politicians are always talking about. That movement from the state’s extreme dependence on oil to a cheaper interim alternative often includes a discussion of liquid natural gas. It’s the transitional hope for both HECO and Hawaii Gas - both are pursuing separate plans - so for an update on where Hawaii is now with LNG, we asked John Cole of the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute.

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Sharon Reed-Hendricks: "One Man's Dream One Woman's Reality"

Sharon Reed-Hendricks and her husband Steve are the authors of “One Man’s Dream; One Woman’s Reality,” an account of the six years they spent sailing the world.

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On-Bill Repayment Programs: Brad Copithorne

On the subject of conversions, you might still be looking to do a few of your own to lower your electricity bill. Since going fully solar probably isn’t within your reach right now because of the necessity of HECO’s advance approval and an antiquated grid, you might feel stuck. But the Environmental Defense Fund is suggesting a conversion you can do. They’re promoting the launch of a new program allowing homeowners and renters to use on bill financing to initially get a solar hot water. Hawaii’s OBR program makes it one of two in the nation.  The EDF’s Fianacial Policy Director, Brad Copithorne provides comments.

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Atherton Concert: Audrey Knuth, Fiddler

Audrey Knuth is a dance fiddler – that means playing a standup style of foot-stomping music for contra dances... events where the floor is packed with lines of revelers who want that rhythm strong and steady all night long.    She grew up in Hawaii and spends much of her performing time these days touring with guitarist and banjo player Larry Unger.   They’re coming to the Atherton studio, and we talked with Audrey about the world of the dance fiddler.

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