Neal Milner; Playbuilders Submissions; Sculpting with Steve Turnbull

Oct 15, 2014

Wednesday, October 15th – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

The Long View: Neal Milner

Political ads have two objectives, demobilize your opponent’s voters and mobilize yours. And with fewer than 3 weeks until the general election, there are a lot of political ads trying to do just that. Some are nice, character portraits, others blatantly attack. Political analyst Neal Milner says there’s nothing wrong with attack ads. Criticism is an important way to learn.  But the more relevant issue is whether the ad, positive or negative, is truthful.

Intro Music: Return of the Mack (C&J Remix) by Mark Morrison

Outro Music: Move Along by All-American Rejects

Playbuilders Submissions: Terri Madden

Playwrights can make an entire imagined world come alive on the stage. And for the fledgling author, the opportunity to see the work performed is the best way to judge its value and gauging its impact upon an audience. The PlayBuilders Theater Company has a history of finding and developing new local works, and it’s looking for submissions to its 4th Annual Festival of Original Plays. It’s a chance for exciting new voices to be heard, and their work produced on the Leeward College stage. Terri Madden is the Founder and President of PlayBuilders.

Intro Music:  Into The Fog by The Budos Band

Outro Music: Pu’uanahulu by Makana

Sculptor: Steve Turnbull

Steve Turnbull working on a piece
Credit Steve Turnbull

Steve Turnbull is a sculptor who works with wood, stone, and bronze to emulate the shapes he loves in nature.  He draws inspiration from the curvature of the driftwood he finds near his Maui home and spends hours giving the surface of his pieces the kind of inner glow you can only find in a lovingly tempered surface, be it wood or metal. He’ll be talking about his work in Lahaina Friday.

Intro Music: Key Kaholo by Sonny Chillingworth

Outro Music: Pau Hana Slack Key by Ledward Ka’‘āpana