Pay Apps/Apple Pay; Cultural Tourism; Education for Boys; 2014 International Waikiki Hula Conference

Oct 30, 2014

Thursday, October 30th – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Pay Apps: Ryan Ozawa

If you bought an iPhone 6, you were likely told that it had a payment capability previous versions didn’t...Ten days ago,  Apple Pay became available and a lot of people had been eagerly anticipating it. Since then, some big retailers have announced that they weren’t going to take it because they had their own app and their own method of payment. Before Bytemarks Cafe co-host Ryan Ozawa left for a family holiday yesterday, I asked him whether the retailers reaction was mean-spirited or if something else was going on.


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Benefits Of Cultural Tourism: Andrew Witt


Hawaii offers a vast number of cultural and historical resources; there’s no place quite like it in the world. But tourists rarely hear about the unique story of Hawaii; instead, they think of it as a leisure destination: a place to get away from it all.   Are we selling ourselves short, in more ways than one?  Andrew Witt, executive director of St. Johns Cultural Council in Florida, a visiting speaker at the inaugural Hawaii Heritage & Hospitality Forum, thinks that might be the case. He’s in town to talk about the benefits, economic, and otherwise, of heritage and cultural tourism.


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Education for Boys and St. Andrew’s Preparatory School for Boys: Paul Burgess


If you have a school aged son, you might want to stop a moment to consider this:   Girls outperform boys in grades at all levels, and not just in the US, but in countries around the world from the UK to Hong Kong. That’s part of the latest data from an analysis by the American Psychological Association of a University of New Brunswick study on gender differences. Those differences have turned attention back to boys, including in Honolulu. Paul Burgess is the Director of the St. Andrew’s Preparatory School for Boys.


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2014 International Waikīkī Hula Conference: Maile Loo-Ching

Traditional hula dancers.
Credit Wikipedia Commons

Hawai‘i’s rich tradition of hula was almost lost to us. Suppressed for generations, it was brought back to life only through the efforts of a few dedicated practitioners. The work of restoring the ancient tradition continues. And even those who think they know hula well have much to learn. Maile Loo-Ching is the Executive Director of the Hula Preservation Society; which is holding a three-part cultural series as part of the 2014 International Waikīkī Hula Conference.


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