Sand Island Homeless Camp; Paris Peace Conference; Housing Bills; Invasive Algae

Mar 16, 2015

Monday, March 16th – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Soil Samples at Sand Island Homeless Camp: Kathy Xian

  Last week, the Hawaii Department of Health released its report on the soil samples taken from Sand Island. Unlike past studies, the results this time around seem to allay the concerns over contamination. That would appear to be a game changer for last year's plan from Honolulu Mayor Caldwell to stage a temporary homeless camp at Sand Island. Even with the new test findings, homeless advocate Kathy Xian is making a preemptive strike at the idea.

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Students Re-enactment of Paris Peace Conference: Carlyle Cameron

The Signing of Peace in the Hall of Mirrors, Versailles 1919, Ausschnitt
Credit William Orpen

Could the Twentieth Century have turned out very differently?    Twenty years after the Treaty of Versailles that set terms for victors and vanquished after the First World War tore Europe apart, those same countries were at it again.   What happened?    This was supposed to be the War to End All Wars… The Treaty the victors wrote in 1919 was driven by a determination to bring about world peace - so where did they go wrong?    Carlyle Cameron is inviting her students at St. Francis School to re-write history, and she joined the show to tell us how.

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Overview of Housing Bills: Victor Geminiani

Each year we hear an indisputable fact: Hawaii's inventory of affordable and public housing units continue to be outpaced by need. According to an often cited 2011 housing planning study, up to 50,000 new housing units will have to be built by 2016. And existing public housing has an almost 800 million dollar backlog of repairs. Up for hearing today are a half dozen bills focused on affordable and public housing creation and repair. Hawaii Appleseed Center for Law and Economic Justice Executive Director Victor Geminiani has reviewed them and joined the show with his thoughts.

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Waikiki Aquarium - Invasive Algae Clean Up: Dr. Celia Smith

So many plant and animal species have been introduced to Hawaii – either by accident or design.   Some are brought here with the best of intentions and disastrous results.   Hawaii’s reef ecosystems, the source of so much life, face a particular danger from invasive algae.   Dr. Celia Smith of the UH Manoa Botany Department has made Hawaii’s invasive algae a specialty. She’s part of the Waikiki Aquarium’s Invasive Algae Clean Up this weekend, and she joined the show to talk about it.

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