Toyota to Discontinue Scion

Feb 4, 2016

Credit Global Reactions / Flickr
Car or Toaster?
Credit Rick / Flickr

Toyota will discontinue its line of Scion cars later this year.

Scion was formed in 2003 to attract a younger American market with experimental designs and easily customizable body kits. You may remember the infamous “toaster shaped” XB model. Although more a million cars were sold nationally, several years of slumping sales and a lack of connection to the intended market are being blamed for the decision.

But here in Hawai‘i, local dealerships sold more than 12,000 Scion cars, with half of those sales going to people under the age of 35.

Rick Ching is the President of Servco Automotive Hawai‘i.  

Beginning in August, the 2017 model Scions will be re-badged as Toyotas, and the company will continue to service Scions in Hawai‘i.