Unconscious Racism; History Day; Bike Safety/Bike Policies; Joint Military Service Band Concert

May 15, 2014

Thursday, May 15th – From HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Researchers Find Unconscious Racism in Juries: Justin Levinson

The last time we talked with him, UH law professor Justin Levinson was working on a study asking a sensitive question: Are people unconsciously racist? That question has implications for many types of behavior, including how jurors react in cases where the death penalty could be the outcome. The study was researched in conjunction with the University of North Carolina and Rutgers University. Justin Levinson is the lead author and he joined with us in the studio.

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History Day: Odysseus Tafuna

Few local stories are more rewarding to report than the ones about exceptional accomplishment from young students in our schools. The kids are a source of pride to their peers, their parents, and their teachers, and this year’s History Day competitions have produced a bumper crop of exceptional work.  Odysseus Tafuna is one of many who did really well this year, and his story stands out for a couple of reasons.   Odysseus is ten years old, and he and his friend Haaheo Carter captured first place at the district level for their age group with an exhibit called “Child Labor in China.”   It’s a subject that’s close to his heart, and he joined us this morning.

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Bike Safety Issues, Legislation, and Policies: Meredith Speicher

If you use a key to turn on your form of transportation, the fact that this week is Bike to Work Week may have either escaped you entirely or refocused your attention on your bike. Commuters who routinely choose the two wheelers, hope they will have more riders join them tomorrow on “Bike to Work Day” in Hawaii. How much of that will affect bike policy in Hawaii, safety and a change of behavior is on the mind of avid cyclist and planner for the National Park Service Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance Program, Meredith Speicher.

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Combined Band Concert: Capt. Hayley Armstrong, USAF

When you combine musical training with military discipline and dedication, you get some remarkable results.   At its best, music is a world where nothing is allowed to compromise quality, and it deserves nothing less than that degree of focus.   Because all branches of the service are represented in Hawaii, we have an unusually rich crop of skilled young musicians here among us.  That makes the annual Hawaii Joint Military Service Band Concert into an opportunity to hear what a large group of highly trained young musicians can do.     It’s a free show Saturday at the Hawaii Theater, and Captain Hayley Armstrong, Director of the Air Force Band of the Pacific, joined the show to tell us about it.

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