The Benevolent Mind

Weekdays at 8:18am during Morning Edition on HPR-1
  • Hosted by Bob Wehrman

“The Benevolent Mind” is a 100-episode radio series created in partnership with the Hawaiʻi Community Foundation (HCF), celebrating a century of giving in 2016.

The series shares stories of the many acts of generosity that have helped shape the community we live in today. Each one of us, throughout our lifetime, has benefited from someone’s kindness and desire to leave a lasting gift to Hawaiʻi. Today, the impact of their philanthropy is evident throughout our islands, in its schools and programs for youth, healthcare institutions, nature preserves, and more.

How has philanthropy touched your life? And how will you “pay it forward” to make a difference for future generations?

Journey with writer, researcher, and narrator Bob Wehrman, as he takes you on a quest to discover the spark that ignites giving. Philanthropy: it’s all about you

Bob Wehrman hosted HPR’s music program Mirror of the New for more than a decade, and wrote and narrated its acclaimed architecture series "The Shape of Hawaii." He is the author of eight books, most recently The Unnatural Act, and the soon-to-be-released Walking Man. He is also a professional musician, composer, and educator.

“The Benevolent Mind” airs every weekday on Morning Edition (HPR-1) at 8:18 a.m.


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