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dj mr.nick's position as a club DJ in Honolulu's Chinatown district earned him a reputation for being able to start in one genre and seamlessly slide into another, moving across musical and cultural boundaries, while continuing to educate audiences in music that's under the radar.

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Weaving together selections fo music picked from around the world for this Friday well as a few current favorites.

Picking out music on the fly this evening... and just trying to keep it nice and cool to even out this muggy weather with a little sophistication.

Creating a cure for the Hump-Day blues...with some BLUES! Well...Blues and Indy-Folk, and some Americana.

Today was such a lovely day... that it inspired me to put together a playlist of beautiful songs to fill the night air for tonight's show.  Expect some folk, downtempo, Spanish ballads, and more.

Tokio Aoyama
Tokio Aoyama

I'm using this monday night session to explore cuts from new musicians carrying on the torch of Jazz and Downtempo.

Fund the new Pacific Harp Project CD

For tonight's show I'm keeping the music random and fun and possibly a little silly to ease you backwards into the weekend.

So (for the most part) I'm picking music on the fly for tonight's show... my only real target is to play a T.S.O.L song since they're playing in town this weekend.  And that's a tall order. So expect a little but of 90's punk, and other strange delights.

Running through some new music and some old favorites tonight on the show.

Picking the music on the fly this evening... with no specific theme or direction.  Just trying to keep it fun and work in a few new selectiond from Madeline Peyroux, Khruangbin and Chancha Via Circuito.

Sahim Dabir
Sahim Dabir

Keeping the music chilled and mellow, yet beat driven for this monday evening.


Pulling a High Fidelity move and making up a tribute list for the late writer, chef, traveller and critic- Anthony Bourdain. The music is largely pulled from his favorite artists and other playlists about travel, TV, or cooking that he was involved with.

Omar Rayyan
Omar Rayyan

Tonight on Bridging the Gap, we're getting tangled into a mixture of classically inspired music mixed into modern beat science and indy pop.

Putting together a show of (almost) all world music for this Wednesday night. Expect music from India to Africa... from tango to calypso... and everything else in between.

Feeling the funk tonight... so I'm the filling the late night air with funk, soul and rare groove from artists like The New Mastersounds, The Stance Brothers, and The Bamboos.

Sahim Dabir
Sahim Dabir

Keeping the vibe and music nice and mellow for this Monday evening, with chilled instrumental beats, some world music, and some jazz.

Casey Weldon
Casey Weldon

Keeping the music fun and upbeat for this Friday evening... kicking off with a Cumbia cover of Drake's "Hotline Bling" and seeing how weird I can make it after that.

So in the sprit of making good art based on reflection... tonight's show is all about Jet-Lag which i've got bad after two weeks away.  So tonight's music is going to be a collection of songs I get stuck in my head when I'm traveling or totally sleep deprived. Enjoy.

Keeping the sound light and fun with a lot of steel and marimba meeting up with indy rock and modern latin.

No theme for tonight's show... just picking the music on the fly, working in some new releases and some old favorites.

Keeping the music (mostly) mellow for this Memorial Day monday evening.

Also a HUGE Thank you to Paige Okamura for subbing in for me the last few weeks.  The audio archive will be up soon! 

Tonight's session of Bridging the Gap will be loosly focused on music from Cuba, as well as an assortment of Latin Jazz as we relisten to this show from last August.

Tonight's session of Bridging the Gap is going to be random... VERY RANDOM, pinballing back and forth between styles and genres, as we re-listen to this show from last August.

Paige Okumura better known as DJ Mermaid from KTUH will be guest hosting Bridging the Gap for a few nights over the next two weeks.

Set List: 

Sliding into the weekend with an assortment of latin grooves to get your hips swinging.

Keeping the sound (mostly) mellow and Jazzy for tonight's session of Bridging the Gap, as we replay this classic show.  

Taking a dip into the cool waters of Acid Jazz this evening on Bridging the Gap, with an encore of this show from last August.  

Tamir Sher
Tamir Sher

Switching back and forth between CDs and 45's tonight on Bridging the Gap.  Musically going all over the place, but keeping it fun and light all night.

Weaving together a collection of mellow, dreamy, late night music for this Thursday evening.

Angela Buron
Angela Buron

Mixing together an eclectic blend of Acid Jazz, Downtempo, soundtrack music, Boogaloo and Indian Classical Music for tonight's show.

Tonight’s theme: Music To Dance Around Your House Naked To.

Yes you read that correctly.  Actually this setlist has been in the works for a while as I’m putting it together for a DJ mix to go into the last Pledge Drive premium.  Either way, it’s going to be a fun, eclectic bunch of songs to entice you to go nude.