Bridging the Gap with Nicholas Yee

Saturday 6:00 - 8:00pm on HPR-2

Nick Yee’s live sets as dj mr.nick earned him a reputation for being able to start in one genre and seamlessly slide into another, moving across musical and cultural boundaries.  Bossa Nova, Latin Jazz, Downtempo, Neo-Soul, and Rare-Groove will take listeners from The Brazilian Experience, through an eclectic assortment of styles and then bridge the musical/age gap into a jazz atmosphere compatible with Seth Markow’s The Real Deal.

His mixes and live sets can be found on his Mixcloud or Soundcloud

Tonight's show will skip through classic soul in the first hour, then weave through the roots of Jamaican music onto gems from West Africa. Always Eclectic- Always Hawaii Public Radio! 

Tonightʻs show will be a journey into harp driven, mellow abstract, psychedelic jazz and world music.

Mihaela Noroc
Mihaela Noroc


Tonight’s bridging the gap will crisscross through Soul, Reggae, and pockets or world music.  Always different, always eclectic, and always HPR! 

Tonight on Bridging the Gap: Songs of heartbreak, songs of love, and other songs for a rainy day. 

Tonights show is going to another eclectic mix of sound, starting off slow in the first hour, and then picking up in the second hour. 

Tonightʻs show is going to be filled with a first hour of dreamy downtempo and and upbeat second hour filled with South Asian gems.

Tonightʻs show is obviously Halloween themed But weʻre going to keep it upbeat with a lot of New Orleans Brass, and other tasty delights. 

Where Credit Is Due
Where Credit Is Due

We did it! Celebration 2015 is over… after an 11 day haul itʻs all done.  Thank you to all of the people who contributed to the pledge drive, became new members, pledged in the past, and most importantly… to keep this show on the air.  You are all so wonderful and from the bottom of my exhausted heart...thank you.

Tonightʻs show is going to be an expression session of favorites, new songs, and songs that got me through the drive.

The Pre-Celebration 2015 Pledge Drive special show.  Iʻm playing music from the three CDs available next week, as well as the music that is going into the limited edition DJ Mix CD that's a special bonus gift for pledging to my show.  It's essentially a best of show… with a whole lot of hype for drive. 

Tonightʻs show will focus on the last shimmering rays of summer.  Itʻll be a blend of warm horns, upbeat ska, modern soul, and everything else in between.
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