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Whether you live in our state or far from our shores, you’ll know what’s happening in Hawaii with a daily hour of live talk about public affairs, ideas, culture and the arts. Guests from in and outside of Hawaii with a perspective on the islands and cohosts Beth-Ann Kozlovich and Chris Vandercook sit down weekday mornings at 8 HST on HPR-2, streamed live and archived on Every day brings a Reality Check with,  a cross-section of international news from sources including NPR, the BBC World Service and Deutsche Welle, and a Backyard Quiz so you can test your knowledge of Hawaii’s history, geography, myth, music and more. Often you’ll hear mini-musical performances by local and visiting artists, some composed right on the spot. There’s never just one definitive discussion and there are always ongoing layers to The Conversation.  

The show made its debut on Monday, February 14, 2011 and Talk Show Executive Producer Beth-Ann Kozlovich says “the whole point is to get away from Oahu-centric stories and talk about our state as one state with many faces, facets and interests.”

Have something to say? Send a comment, conversation suggestion or a Backyard Quiz to You can also reach us on our new talkback line at 808-792-8217. It will record your comments about the show and then on Fridays we'll play some of them on the air.

Lillian Tsang is the producer, Taylor Rice and Katelind Ikuma are the Production Assistants.

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ACLU Attorney and Head Lawyer for NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden - Ben Wizner; Mud Pies and MagicHawaii Energy Issues; Money Talks: But What the Hell is it Saying?

ACLU Attorney and Head Lawyer for NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden: Ben Wizner

Wikipedia Commons

Retail Merchant Association Check-in; Martin Luther King Jr. Day; Council On Revenues;Woodblock Printing Workshop 

Retail Merchant Association Check-in: Sheri Sakamoto

Flickr: Mark - eggrole

BioTrackTHC’s Medical Marijuana Seed to Sale Tracking Contract; Disney in Concert; Okinawan Military Base Follow-Up; Lawai International Center

BioTrackTHC’s Medical Marijuana Seed to Sale Tracking Contract: Patrick Vo

Maui County Legislative Package; Acting Workshop for Children; Ways and Means; Balinese Shadow Puppets

Maui County Legislative Package: Mike Victorino

Criminal Defense, Sexual Assault; Art Maui; From the Farm; Maui Fringe Fest

Criminal Defense, Sexual Assault: Ken Lawson

Join Howard Dicus for a look ahead at 2016 with Hawaiian Airlines CEO Mark Dunkerly, Outrigger head David Carrey, and real estate developer Stanford Carr. Included in the discussion will be: tourism, development, the homeless problem, and events in Japan and Europe.  

Ebola; Nordic Walk Kaua’i; January Food Justice Summit

Ebola: Kevin Olival

The Long View with Neal Milner; New Year’s Eve Fireworks Display; 2016 Hiring Predictions; Maui Artist - Jennifer Stephens

The Long View: Neal Milner

Contemporary Middle East Politics, Israel, and Beyond; Waikiki Blue Note Jazz Club; From the Farm with Neal Conan; Roaring 20’s New Years’ Eve

Contemporary Middle East Politics, Israel, and Beyond: Yehuda Bauer