Bryan Thompson / Flickr
Bryan Thompson / Flickr

Roy Hargrove wants to carry the torch of jazz music into an unstable future.  But after recording more than 20 albums and countless collaborations, he feels his work is far from being complete. 

Sax player and songwriter Kenny G is continuing a four-night run at the Blue Note Hawai'i in Waikiki through Sunday. While the musician has a reputation as one of the top artists in the "smooth jazz" genre, what may not be as well known is how his career began at an early age with a serious test of his abilities, onstage with a legendary voice in music.

Featuring music recorded over the last five hundred years, this unusual guitar duo, Frank Vignola and Vinnie Raniolo, are touring Hawai'i now; a show is on Maui tonight and several are ahead on Hawai'i Island.

TheeErin / Flickr
TheeErin / Flickr

Hawai‘i is getting a little taste of New Orleans music this week.

Brothers Keith and Phillip Frazer founded the Rebirth Brass Band in the early 80’s playing a style of music known as “Second-Line”.  It’s upbeat Jazz combined with elements of Funk, Soul, and Hip-Hop.  Imagine a full horn section playing a funky groove, accompanied by handclaps and shouts.  Second-line groups are a tradition in New Orleans, accompanying community events ranging from Mardi Gras parades all the way to Jazz funerals.

Go Jimmy Go Takes a Bow

Jan 12, 2016
Go Jimmy Go
Go Jimmy Go

One of Hawai‘i’s longest running bands is hanging up their instruments for good.

Go Jimmy Go was founded in 1996- during the height of the third resurgence of Ska music.  Over the last 20 years they’ve released five albums and toured around the world.

Their mellow fusion of early reggae and classic soul has been a signature of their sound allowing them to transcend changing musical styles.

Chicago blues guitarist and songwriter Dave Specter has dates in the islands January 22 at Surfer the Bar at Turtle Bay and January 23 at Hawaiian Brian's in Honolulu. The regular musician at Buddy Guy's Legends called into HPR's All Things Considered and spoke with host Dave Lawrence.

See Dave live with Buddy Guy:


Nick Yee
Nick Yee

Brian Shimkovitz was on a Fulbright scholarship in Ghana when he got hooked on the cassette culture of the region.

There street vendors hawk West African recordings in a variety of genres, from highlife to African disco, old left-field soul to curious local pop.  As he explored the region- he found an Africa much richer and more diverse than the version usually presented in American media.

For decades, New Jersey band Monster Magnet have pursued a musical path utilizing vintage recording gear and instruments to create an unusual mix of soulful psychedelic hard rock. Their latest album is Cobras and Fire (The Mastermind Redux). Band founder Dave Wyndorf discussed the project with HPR All Things Considered local host Dave Lawrence.

In October, HPR got a chance to record a special conversation with John Oates during the Hall and Oates tour stop in Honolulu. With a strong connection to the islands dating back decades, HPR All Things Considered Local Host Dave Lawrence sat down with him for a conversation we share today, on Christmas afternoon. 


See the complete 2015 interview shot at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel:

The Ramones changed rock forever. From the counting off of songs, to the pioneering down-stroke of Johnny Ramone's guitar playing, to their unique fashion statement, the impact of the Ramones is hard to overstate.