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  Host Beth-Ann Kozlovich talks about prostitution in Hawaii with guests Kathryn Xian and Dr. Melissa Farley.

She Blinded Me With Science!
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Jonas Vibell will first tell us about the upcoming Reboot the Commute app challenge. Then Jyokita Virmani, Director of Technical Operations for the Wendy Schmidt Ocean Health XPRIZE will tell us about the Xprize finalists. Finally, we'll talk about the science behind and in front of the Thirty Meter Telescope.

  Can you hear me now? Well, everyone loses a bit of hearing as they age, and on this show, Dr. Robin Wielins from  Island Audiology will discuss the ins and outs of hearing aids, how to know if you need one, and what to do to prevent hearing loss in the first place.

  15 years after its medical pot law, Hawaii has a legislatively approved system for dispensaries. Chances are good the Governor will support it. But what happens after the dispensary bill becomes law? Our panel looks at how the plan is made real this week on Town Square.

  First we'll speak with Bee Leng Chua and Alice Li about a new summer course called Entrepreneurship: Business Remodeling & Fundraising. Jay Fidell also joins us to tell us about Think Tech panel on public spaces. Finally, we'll talk about an innovation project to cool classrooms called Fahrenheit 73.

  Heart disease is one of the most common killers throughout the world. But how can it be prevented? If you have had a heart attack, are you destined to have another one? Does heart disease put you at risk for strokes as well?  Dr. Margo Vasser, clinical cardiologist and Dr. Rony Salem, neurologist will join us in a discussion of the latest in the prevention and treatment of heart disease and strokes.

  If you had to characterize the 2015 session, what would you say? This week on Town Square, we'll hear how our contributing editor, Neal Milner and Poly Sci Guy, UH Professor Colin Moore see it...and you, too.

  Today on Bytemarks Cafe, we’ll talk with the Executive Director of the Pacific International Space Center for Exploration Systems. What sort of projects does PISCES take on and what special role does Hawaii Island play in space exploration?

 Radiation is one of the mainstays in the treatment of cancer, but how exactly does it work? Dr. Donna Chung, radiation oncologist, will be in the studio to share more about the different types of cancers that are treated with radiation and how research has made this treatment more precise in the fight against cancer cells.  

  Hawaii is getting some input from experts in crafting its strategy to help the homeless. This week on Town Square, State Homelessness Coordinator, Colin Kippen and Lloyd Pendelton, Director of the Utah Homeless Task Force look at how Utah has significantly decreased its homeless population - and how Hawaii might emulate its success.