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O'ahu North Shore: Short Term Vacation Rentals

The state and counties are trying to resolve illegal vacation rentals in residential areas but it’s a complicated issue throughout the state. HPR’s Wayne Yoshioka reports.

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3 Reasons Why California's Fire Risk Won't Dampen Anytime Soon

Wildfires in December are the new norm for California. In the West, they are burning hotter and more intensely than ever due to climate change, and the situation is made worse by the explosion of development in fire prone areas and past firefighting decisions. Here are three reasons the fires are massive and likely won't abate anytime soon. 1. It's nearly impossible to put out a modern mega-fire We can't expect firefighters to control, let alone put out major fires like the Thomas Fire. It's...

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Caldwell Mulls Plans for the Waikiki Natatorium

3 hours ago
Wikimedia Commons

Today the Waikiki War Memorial Natatorium exists as a crumbling relic, a civic embarrassment that has endured in its dilapidated, state for a half century. Honolulu's Mayor has declared his intention to change that state of affairs.

Best of O'ahu

The state and counties are trying to resolve illegal vacation rentals in residential areas but it’s a complicated issue throughout the state. HPR’s Wayne Yoshioka reports. 

Honolulu Habitat for Humanity

A home for the holidays is a gift that can seem next to impossible here in the islands, especially for those of us with limited budgets.  Affordable housing remains one of the biggest issues facing Hawaiʻi residents. But one organization is dedicating a home this holiday season, and vows to build more homes than ever in the coming years. HPR’s Kuʻuwehi Hiraishi has this story.

Wayne Yoshioka

There are more than 120-thousand small businesses in Hawai’i and the state is ready to help owners grow their business. HPR’s Wayne Yoshioka reports.


In a continuing discussion about climate change, there are  opportunities and challenges in the year ahead.  Today, HPR’s Noe Tanigawa speaks with Chip Fletcher, Associate Dean at UH Mānoa, and a professor of geology and geophysics.  His research shows water creeping inland and seeping up into neighborhoods sooner than you might think.


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Guiseppe Fonatiello / Flickr

Waikiki Natatorium; Release of Intergalactic Map; The Captured Economy; Hawaii Non-Profits

NIAID / Flickr
NIAID / Flickr

Today on Bytemarks Café, Burt and Ryan find out about some important work being done on finding a cost effective vaccine for the Ebola virus.

They'll find out about a unique partnership between the University of Hawaiʻi's John A. Burns School of Medicine and local company Hawaiʻi Biotech seeks to develop a robust, scalable solution.

Syracuse University Lava Project

Kauai Pesticide Report; Dangers of Downsizing Marine Preserves; Art and Science of Creating Lava

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Evening Jazz with Charles Husson

2 hours ago

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays at 8 PM on HPR-2. The latest in instrumental and vocal releases is the focus of Evening Jazz. You'll also hear about live jazz acts performing around the islands.

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Weekdays at 6pm on HPR-2

Evening Concert gives listeners a chance to unwind through the pau hana hours. You'll enjoy classic performances, along with weather updates and musical birthdays and anniversaries.


John C. Zak
John C. Zak

Welcome to Classical Pacific for December 13th,  2017. I’m your host, John Zak.  

In today’s episode of Classical Pacific, we’ll hear music of  Sibelius, Johann Strauss, Jr, Rodrigo, Rachmaninoff, Morricone, Lauridsen, and Jeff Peterson.

Hawaiian Word of the Day

Hawaiian Word of the Day: December 13th

19 hours ago

Postcards have been around a long time, but this Hawaiian word for the postcard is quite new. It is kāleka poʻoleka.

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